Short Courses

In house training

We can deliver learning programmes

in-house for a group of people in your

organisation. And we can deliver them

as standard programmes, or tailor

them to match your needs and goals.

To deal with your organisation's

particular aims and skill needs, we

can also design and deliver bespoke

programmes from scratch.

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Contact us on+44 (0) 20 8612 6202

Our Courses

You can choose from over 100 short courses, which enable you to

gain new skills and knowledge in an engaging, fun and practical

learning environment. They last between one and fi ve days, and

run at locations across the UK.

Our courses cover every aspect of HR and L&D - plus leadership,

management and business skills. So you'll have the insights and

abilities to advise your organisation on many relevant issues and

challenges experienced in the workplace today. To fi nd short

courses in this e-directory, look for the icon.

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